Thickness: 1.2mm
Diameter: 20.8mm
Frequency: 21'600 alternation/hour
Jewels: 11 rubis
Power (hours): 35
Decoration: each constitutive part angled
Front face: pearled
Rear face: Stripes of Geneva

The originality of the principles of the 1200 caliber is the following:

·Each wheel of the movement is fixed to an axle driven in a micro ball bearing itself fitted to the plate
· The plate consists of a single block of metal (1.2 millimeter thick) procuring a rigid frame by the suppression of bridges
· Each wheel of the movement takes place in a housing carved into the plate
· Lubrication is not required due to the use of micro ball bearings
·A slipping strap preventing the spring against damage when winding equips the spring itself


The movement is 1.2mm slim; on the watch industry market, the thinnest movement is 1.64mm thick.